Stylish Room Decor Ideas for Little Girls

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Create a Space She'll be Excited to Call "My Room"


Every little girl needs a few things to be happy: loving parents (if you’re reading this, check!), good friends to play with, some tasty food on the table (do cupcakes count?), and, of course, a space to call her own. Your girl is probably a busy bee; whether she’s preparing for her big book report for school, transforming herself and her friends into pirates who maraud open kitchen cabinets or putting on fun spectacles of entertainment for her family and friends to enjoy, she’s probably going to be good and tired by the end of the day. That’s why she needs a nice, relaxing space to retire to at the end of the day. Itty Bitty Bling can help you and your little girl create a space she will love to snuggle up in and be excited to call “My Room!”




Number One Rule of Comfort: A Cozy Blanket


You can take away her toys, her candy, her stickers, her puzzles, and her plastic gadgets and gizmos. But NEVER take away her cuddly blankets! A nice blanket is the absolute foundation of comfort—without a blanket, how’s a girl expected to go on?! At Itty Bitty Bling, we have plenty to choose from. The Horses Plush Blanket will have her riding off to dreamland the moment her head hits the pillow! And for those little girls who would prefer to dream of underwater worlds, there are more than enough good-dream inducing options! Our Mermaids Plush Blanket is great for traditionalists who prefer their blankets flat (but still cozy!). For those who would rather feel like a mermaid than look at them on their blankets, the Soft Multi Color Mermaid Tail Minky Blanket is your winner! The tail comes in many different colors, all of which will send your girl off on wild underwater adventures!




Number Two Rule of Comfort: Good Books for Reading & Relaxing


Part of your daughter’s bedtime routine might be the reading of a nightly book (or two or three or twelve). According to, reading with one’s child is critically important to build good reading skills early on, and encourage lifelong reading habits. Sometimes this means re-reading the same book many times (ReadingRockets counsels patience in this case!), but sometimes your daughter will want to explore many different worlds, stories, and characters in one night. A bookcase is an essential part of any young reader’s room, as it will encourage them to read often, and also keeps books off the floor. Itty Bitty Bling has bookcases to suit any room style or need. For lovers of dollhouses, our Adorable Gray Dollhouse Bookcase will work splendidly, and can even accommodate the stray doll. For a modern, understated case, try the Cherry and Tan Sling Book Shelf. This sleek option will fit in any room and is easy to return books to, so your daughter won’t just leave them on the floor. Happy reading!




Number Three Rule of Comfort: Fit for a Princess


Your little girl is your “little princess” so you’ll want her room to of course be fit for a princess! So add a dash of royal elegance to your daughter’s abode with our matching Princess Furniture. Any princess would love spending time in a rocking chair as it is absolutely a bedroom necessity. The charming White Royal Princess Rocking Chair will give your girl a place to ponder, muse, and reminisce about the state of the kingdom (or of her homework). Once the pondering is done, it’s time to get ready for the ball (or for school)! The Princess White Vanity Table is the perfect place to do so: with its padded chair and built-in jewelry boxes, sitting will make you feel instantly like royalty. Now, where are all our precious jewels and gems…




Number Four Rule of Comfort: Tidiness is Happiness


All the above comforts won’t mean a thing if your daughter’s room is cluttered and messy. Toy storage never sounds like a fun or exciting purchase to make, until you check out Itty Bitty Bling’s toy storage solutions! If your little one has many toys and needs a large container, our Unicorn Toy Chest is just the thing. Made of polyester, the unit is light, easy to move around, and doesn’t have hard corners to knock heads against! If unicorns aren’t your girls’ cup of tea, the chest also comes with mermaids, horses, and fairies on the front! Use smaller bins for other odds and ends toys she uses frequently; our cubes have all manner of fun designs on the front, from fairies, to horses, to butterflies. There’s a storage box for every taste!



At Itty Bitty Bling we feel everyone needs a place they can call their own! Whether she’s the most adventurous little explorer or a sassy little sweetheart, help your daughter create a space she will love to spend time in. She’ll be happy, you’ll be happy, and maybe if she has her very own space, she’ll stop rummaging through your drawers in search of old clothes and jewelry to play dress up can hope. Remember, the most important rule when creating her space - have fun and select styles your little girl will cherish for years to come!

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