How To Prepare For Her First Communion - 5 Simple Tips!

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Make Her First Communion Memorable - 5 Simple Tips To Help You Prepare


At Itty Bitty Bling we understand a child’s First Communion is an important part of her or his faith; it is the day she or he first receives the Eucharist, and functions as a rite of passage in the Catholic church. It’s probably been a while since your First Communion, so if you feel daunted by the many preparations that go into the occasion, fear not! Our five tips below will get you and your daughter on track to have a beautiful and unforgettable First Communion.




Tip #1: Create a Memorable Invitation


Before you do anything else, you need to make sure family and friends know about the special occasion! Nowadays, creating beautiful invitations is as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. There are many different options for creating your invitations online including many different designs and templates. You can create the perfect invitation you and your daughter are sure to love.


Another great option is to make this a mother-daughter activity by creating your own invitations! This will also give your invitations a more personal touch that your guests will enjoy receiving. Check out your local craft store for inspiration, or browse some boards on Pinterest to see what others have created. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!





Tip #2: Plan a Party To Celebrate


A post-church celebration has become the expectation of First Communion, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be an overwhelming undertaking for you. Remember that this is a chance for your relatives and friends to express their congratulations to your little girl, so providing the space and some light refreshments to make that happen, is all that’s expected of you.


However, if you love party-planning and want to do something fun, there are plenty of ways to jazz up the gathering! We love these celebration centerpieces, which are cheerful and appropriate for the occasion. You can pair a beautiful arrangement in the center of the table with a simple, white tablecloth and diaphanous chair sashes to create an elegant and fun décor for your party. Looking for something sweet to serve? The First Communion cake recipes from My Kids Time will stop the show and are a simple way to bring the theme of First Communion into the party. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun decorating the delicious dessert with your little one the night before!


If your guests are bringing gifts, which is common for First Communion, make sure you set aside a space to place them when they arrive at the party. If you want to give your little girl a special something at this important stage in her life’s journey, a long-lasting piece of furniture, like this adorable white and pink princess rocking chair, will surely be a hit! But just being there for your little girl on her First Communion day will be more than enough.




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Tip #3: Dress Her In The Perfect Outfit


It may not have the gravitas of the wedding-day dress, but picking out your daughter’s white First Communion dress is a special and important occasion all the same! Every girl has a different taste: If your little one likes to sparkle, take a look at this embroidered gown with rhinestones. If she prefers simplicity and elegance, you can’t go wrong with this satin and organza beauty. Or if she wants to look like a movie star, then the lace appliqué illusion bateau dress is the one for her. Let’s not forget the veil and tiara as they add an elegant touch to finish off her First Communion outfit. Plus, it’s not every day a girl gets to wear a tiara in real life! This sparkly double cross tiara with a veil will satisfy even the most bling-loving gal. And if she’s into bling, like we are, she will probably want this full rhinestone tiara with veil. She will look stunning and feel oh so special!





Tip #4: Enjoy Each Moment


All the preparations are made. The relatives are on their way. The food is ready to be served. And yet, you’re still feeling jittery. Here is perhaps the most important tip for any parent on this day: make sure you are savoring the occasion! It’s easy to get caught up in the planning and details but the biggest gift you can give yourself and your little one is to be present and enjoying the moment with her.





Tip #5: Mementos To Remember The Day


Make sure you—and especially your daughter—can remember her First Communion after the whirlwind of activity has subsided. Of course, take lots of pictures! Then you can create a scrapbook to treasure the moments and it is a fun shared way to relive the day as she grows up. We like the simple style of this scrapbook, but your daughter will undoubtedly have her own preferences!


A child’s First Communion is a beautiful celebration of faith, togetherness, and family. With a little bit of planning, and by following these five simple tips from Itty Bitty Bling, you can ensure the day runs smoothly and goes down in your family’s history as one to remember!  

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