Everyday Style

Shop our Everyday Style category to find casual clothing for young girls and toddlers.

If it’s your little girl’s first day of school and you’re on the hunt for all new school clothes, and she just has to have the coolest dress.  Or if she’s just looking for a cool girls tee that says something fun that has a little ruffle and lace.  When she’s all set with her outfit send her out the door with a trendy girls faux fur coat or vest.  It will complete her look and make her feel cozy yet hip.  Layering up is not only practical but gives you endless options to mix and match your outfits everyday.  

If your vacation is approaching and you need to stock up on beach clothes, you can find a variety of summer rompers and swimsuits for kids of all ages.  Nothing is cuter than little baby girls in bikinis on the beach, playing in the sand, happy as can be.   Or have fun poolside in a cool romper with pom poms and a pair of sunnies.