About Itty Bitty Bling


The inspiration for IttyBittyBling came about when we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, Mila.  

We never imagined that having a daughter after our son would be that different.  But boy were we wrong!


Our home was soon flooded with clothes, bows, and all things pink and girlie.  We didn’t realize what went into dressing a little girl and how many elements there were to coordinate her outfits.  But we welcomed it.  Shopping for Mila quickly became an obsession and proved to be tons of fun.  It was exciting to dress her up even if just to hang around the house.  We loved to show her off because of how adorable and cute we thought she looked in all these new clothes.  Like most parents these days, we document our kids every move, and we found ourselves taking photos of her just because of how cute she looked in her outfit of the day.  She was basically photo ready all the time.  From hair bows, to cute trendy dresses, down to her ripped jeans and even tutus.  It became a mission to have her in the latest trends and designs.  She naturally developed her own style and we just loved dressing her in cool gear and showing her off.  It was so fun to hear the comments that she would get.  


She now demands picking out her own outfit.  She even loves to sift through socks and her bins of shoes.  We didn’t know if Mila would be a girlie girl or a tom boy or possibly both like her mom.  It brings us such joy to watch her run around the house in a tutu and princess dress kicking her soccer ball around and wrestling her big brother.  


Then all of a sudden,  the idea sparked to develop our own boutique and to help you shop for your little girls as well.   We want you to be as excited to dress your lil fashionista as much as we are. Whatever her style, we feel that each little girl should express her true self at all times.  Including what she chooses to wear.  We hope you continue to visit us for the latest looks and cutting edge fashion for the princess in your life.  What girl doesn’t like something new in her closet?